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Project. Typographic Poster

Purpose. To understand typography as a process and software as the creative tool. To create a poster while working “only” with type (no illustrations or photos are allowed). To document the design process leading to a solution.

Assignment. To design a poster for Greenpeace. You are only allowed to use typography and letterforms. So, zero illustrations of dead trees or half-dead trees, but you may use the type to visually suggest the theme. First select and install a font family ready to use.

Process documentation:
You must submit a minimum of 20 pdf-pages. This means that you shall generate a pdf-page every time you have made a significant change to your design. For example after having experimented with an element's position, colour, size etc. This will enable you to look back later to see how your design has evolved.

Text headline(s):
Stop syreregnen
Stoppa försuringen
Stop the acid rain
Stop den suren regen
Non aux pluies acides
Alto a la lluvia de acido
Stop Zure Regen

Consultative text and caption:
Prevent Deforestation.

Sign up for a membership in Greenpeace on Giro 6 68 91 – Dkr. 100,-
Greenpeace · Nørre Voldgade 27 · 1358 København K · Telefon 33 12 24 14 14


Format. 10 X 16 Inches (28 x 40 cm)

Time. Two days


Henrik Birkvig is head of department at The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark where he teaches typography, letterforms and type classification. He has written, co-written and edited numerous Danish books on typography and graphic communiction. Among other things Birkvig is a country delegate for Denmark and boardmember of Association Typographique Internationale and member of the Danish Design Counsil. He has been a jury member in countless Danish design competitions.

His work is shown in: TypeGraphics, Rockport 2000. Inspired, How creative people think, work and find inspiration, BIS Publishers 2005.

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