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After creating a Web site built around the projects, typefaces, and resources we found that there were still interesting topics that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories. So we created the Open Forum to accommodate them. For the time being this page is a work in progress, whose final form will be determined by the comments and suggestions you contribute.

Essays and Quotations, as the name suggests, presents random thoughts on the practice and teaching of typography. Over the years a great deal has been written about the many facets of typography, some of it profound and insightful, some of it simply amusing. In Part One we have collected some of the best short essays and quotations on the subject, primarily chosen and designed by our project contributors. Part Two consists of quotations that are more of general interest chosen and presented by the Design Team.

Items of Interest is a grab-bag and may contain anything so long as it is typographic in nature.

Timelines. To help integrate the history of graphic design with the other arts, and world events, these timelines feature some of the major and trivial historical and cultural highlights from the past 30,000 years.

Feedback allows the viewer to become a part of the process of making this site valuable to both students and instructors.

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