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Project. Visitors Guide

Purpose. To develop a distinctively creative book concept. The students’ task was to consolidate, within the scope of an integrated project, the various design skills they had acquired separately during the first curricular year. The challenge was to develop an independent and free approach to an assignment of real-world relevance. An additional focus was on exploring the use of typography within a given print area, layout, and format. At the end of the second semester, students were expected to internalize and purposefully implement fundamental concepts of book design, such as typeface selection, text and image orchestration, readability, text hierarchy, etc.

Assignment. Students were asked to develop a visitors guide for the Zürich Botanical Gardens. The given purpose of the guide was to explain the key stations of a tour through the gardens and to aptly portray the institution both as a place of research and as a recreational venue. As a prerequisite for the drafting and visualization process, students were required to thoroughly research and thematically explore the topics of botany, nature, or science.

Format. Not defined

Time. Ten Weeks


Franka Grosse is Lecturer in Communication Design as well as History and Theory of Visual Communication. She directs the Graphic Arts Course at the F+F School. In addition, Franka Grosse works as an independent graphic designer in Zürich.

Franka Grosse studied Visual Communication at the School of Art and Design Offenbach am Main (Prof. Friedrich Friedl), at the School of Art and Design Zürich (Hans Rudolf Lutz), and at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague/Netherlands (Peter Matthias Noordzij, Frank Blokland). In addition, Franka Grosse completed the specialization course “Theory – Studies in Media, Art and Design” at the School of Art and Design Zürich.


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