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Project. Corporate Identity

Purpose. To research and understand visual identity and develop various designing skills for corporate identity exploration.

Assignment. Create a company and try to visualize a number of applications such as logo design, promotion applications, marketing materials, brochures, posters, stationary, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. Students, projects, and professors are listed below:

Stivaktaki Evdokia (Professor, Maria Rodopoulou). Arteria, comes from the Greek word Arteria, an organ of a vital importance for the body, as it transfers blood all over the body.

Katerina Antonaki (Professor, Maria Zafiropoulou). National sea park of Zakynthos Island, an organization for the protection of the sea turtle Careta-Careta that lives on the island.

Marieta Liazou, Fotini Filia (Professor, Maria Rodopoulou). Spring, a Company that organizes dance performances. The name is inspired by the Greek word Elaterium = spring, a metaphor word for dance.

D. Christos (Professor, Xristina Kastelianaki). Movie it, a film distribution and promotion company.

Sofia Venianaki , Evagellos Moshos (Professor, Maria Zafiropoulou). Check in/1N- artspace, a proposal for the transformation of the area of the old, not in use airport, of Athens, just before the Olympic games of 2004.

Stavrula Manoli, Nikolaou Nikoleta (Professor, Eleni Glinou). Cinematography museum of Thessaloniki

Format. Sizes vary according to the applications.

Time. Six months up to one year


Eleni Glinou was born in Greece, studied painting and Printmaking at the Athens Academy of Fine Arts. Eleni continued her studies in London at the Royal College of Arts, MA in Printmaking and Multimedia.

She became a Professor at the Graphic Design Department/Technological Institute of Athens. During the years 2004-2008 Eleni was responsible for an EC funded project to develop new teaching methodologies, to redesign and promote the profile of the department, to open a dialogue in between present and future students on new trends in graphic design and to infuse the department with new ideas. Part of this effort was the publication of a catalogue that represents the best works of the students. Eleni Glinou

he following projects are a collection of final degree projects, supervised by colleagues: Maria Rodopoulou, Maria Zafiropoulou, Christina Kastelianaki, Eleni Gklinou.


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Eleni Glinou