Soure University

One day, I will come and will bring a message.
I will pour light in the vessels,
and I will sound: oh, you who your basket is full of sleep,
I bring apple for you, the red apple: sun
I will come, Iwill give a jasmin to beggar.
I will grant the butiful leprous woman another earrings....
There's a footless girl on the bridge,
I will hang her nech the grate bear.
I will remove every curse on the lip.
I will take all the walls.
and I will attach the baby's dream to the sough of cicadas.
I will fly a kyte....
I will come and will plant a clore on the wall.
I will sing the poem below every window....
I will bring the peace.
I will acquaint.
I will walk.
I will eat light.
I will love.

by Sohrab Sepehri

Arefeh Eyvani
M. Ebrahimzadeh
Amir Ahmadian Moghadam
Arash Biniaz
Aria Kasaee
Fereshteh Saeeda
Leila Aflatuoni
Mohamad Darvishi
Neda Alinejadian
Nasim Torki Sharifabadi