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Project. Movie Title Design

Purpose. Create a movie title that uses images, type, basic graphics, and sound in motion.

The work should convince the viewer, through your design, that there is an alternate but reasonable way to interpret or understand the story that we pretend to be a film. Students also really consider the relationship between the formal elements (color, value, scale, rhythm, font, speed, volume, etc.) and the emotional or conceptual message of the story.

Assignment. Choose a story which might become a movie script as a topic.

1. Analyze the overall story line and divide it into several segments such as intro, development, climax, conclusion, and several transitions.

2. Develop the theme of your title design and make a storyboard.
Students are encouraged to create their own image and visual elements including still photographs and video footages. However, they may use some found images and film clips with appropriate alternation or manipulations.

3. Determine typographical and graphical elements that will effectively communicate the story.

4. Use After Effects to produce the work by applying appropriate visual effects, transitions, and sounds.

5. Think carefully about how the soundtrack is functioning to support your visual ideas.

6. Edit and reorganize the layout structures and sequences if necessary.

7. Once you’ve finished the production, render the composition out as a Quicktime Movie with a compression format.

Project Objectives

Developing a sense of typographic expression.

Understanding the scope of screen-based media, and Learning multimedia planning, production, implementation, design, and team culture.

Demonstrating the ability to structure and execute a body of meaningful title design works that reflect a comprehension of form while demonstrating aesthetic and stylistic choices and language appropriate to title design.

Format. Adobe After Effects, Sound booth, Illustrator, and Photoshop. The dimension: 800 x 450 pixels (16:9 horizontal aspect ratio) Length: More than thirty seconds and less than one minute. Time. Seven weeks with two classes per week.

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Prof. Chang Sik Kim, Associate Professor at San Jose State University, completed a Bachelor of Fine Art degree (1989) and a Master of Fine Arts (1991) in Visual Communication Design at Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, and a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (Interaction Design emphasis) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2000. He has taught at Hongik University, Anyang Tech College, and University of Illinois prior to joining the faculty of Graphic Design at San Jose State in 2000.

Chang has published three complete books, many articles and held three solo exhibitions that contain works on extremely diverse experimental subjects. Professionally, he designed several newspapers, magazines, and more than 150 book covers besides creating many successful characters design and on-line class web sites in Korea and United States. He has been an Art Director at Korea Herald Weekly in Seoul, Korea (1995~1996), Neoalchemia Design Studio in San Jose, CA (1999~2004) and a freelance designer and consultant since 1991. Chang Kim has expertise in Metamorphic Image Making with Experimental Typography, Visual Identity Design, as well as Mascot Design involving a wide range of corporate and institutional clients and has earned numerous awards from national/international competitions.

Chang’s Clients have included Samsung Electronics, Cooliris, Hyundai Motors, Donghwa Bank, and Korea Hearld Weekly Magazine, Korea IT Network, Celluon, among others. His recent work and research have emphasized dynamic interactive design. His research papers, articles, and works have appeared in various professional publications including Print, How magazine, ICOGRADA Conference, AIGA, Logolounge, Monthly Design, MAC World Korea, LG AD Magazine, Vidak annuals.

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