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Project. Brand Deconstruction/Reconstruction

Purpose. To help fourth-year students improve the quality of their typographic concepts through the introduction of six newly-generated typographic terms.

Assignment. Choose a popular “Brand” package as the basis of your typographic exploration and remove all typography, photography, and graphics from the package. Next, using the same format create a series of six designs with new arrangements of the elements; each design should exceed the quality of the previous one. All information and images must be used while enhancing the Brand’s unique characteristics (eidetics). No new information or fonts may be added, however you can change the size and position of the design elements.

The assignment begins with a lecture introducing the following typographic terms:
1. Eidetics. The recall of typographic elements and arrangements.
2. Transmorgrification. The change of typographic arrangements into newly conceived, dynamic arrangements.
3. Alternations. Successive typographic ideas that change from one arrangement to another and possibly back again.
4. Semasiology. The meaning of typographic arrangements as seen on the surface of graphic presentations.
5. Metamessaging. Typographic arrangements presenting two concurrent messages, one that is obvious and another that is a sub-message or after-message.
6. Episodic Transformation. A series of ideas that retain or resemble in part previously created concepts.

This is followed by six weekly presentations and critiques (group and individual). Students must present the following:
1. A well-designed booklet showing the original package and six new concepts.
2. A single flat presentation showing the best typographic arrangement.
3. A three-dimensional package showing the best concept.

Format. Same as chosen package

Time. 18 hours in class and approximately 54 hours at home

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Keith J. Rushton. Professor, Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in the Faculties of Design and Foundation Studies. Teaches fourth-year courses in Faculty of Design on typography, corporate communications, and graphic concepts. Also teaches first-year courses in Foundation Studies on color theory, two-dimensional design fundamentals, and graphic concepts.

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