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Project. Typographic Dialogues

Purpose. To explore pacing and editing in print and to introduce issues of motion typography.

Assignment. Choose a dialogue between two or more people and one additional text which will run parallel with it. Compose the two texts in black and white over a minimum of 64 pages. Consider how the dialogue is expressed in real-time conversation as you translate it to the page. Consider your additional text as the chorus or reoccurring commentary on the dialogue. Explore changes in mood and content over time through abrupt edits or subtly in space as your texts intertwine and are juxtaposed simultaneously on the page. Your completed document will function as a graphic score which emphasizes the full range of typographic design in the construction of storyboards and scripts for translation to motion works.

This is a junior/senior level project

Format. Variable

Time. 18 hours

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Tony Brock joined the North Carolina State University faculty in 1999 and has taught undergraduate courses focusing on montage, serial and sequential imaging, as well as introductory and experimental typography. On the graduate level, he has taught the New Information Environments studio in which students explore on-line, interactive and motion design.


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