Notre Dame University, Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon
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Project. Stamp Series Promoting Lebanese Culture

Purpose. To explore, expand, and apply the knowledge of design (typography, integration of images with text, concept development and use of graphic elements) while communicating a message, to a particular audience, with clarity, vitality, and interest. A secondary consideration is the development of a series so that despite variation and differences the 5 designs will hold together as a set.

Assignment. The use of mail is just returning to Lebanon after 15 years of civil war. Until a few years ago there were only a few post offices and therefore, little to no consideration of stamp design and the Lebanese were not oriented to using postal services. The stamps should help to bring an awareness of the new postal service to the public while also promoting the cultural contributions of Lebanon that are seldomly acknowledged even within its borders.

Students were required to research one aspect of Lebanese culture (calligraphy, architecture, or traditional crafts) to be used in a series of 5 stamps on the chosen theme. The visual result should acknowledge the value of the local culture and encourage recognition both in Lebanon and abroad.

The stamps can work together (i.e. design overlap) or separately but should be recognizably part of a series. The required text (cost, country name) must be in both French and Arabic. Stamps submitted in real size.

Format. Each stamp is a maximum of 3 x 4 cm with either a vertical or horizontal consideration.

Time. 3 weeks: classes meet twice a week for 1.5  hours each session


Sherry Blankenship is senior lecturer in Graphic Design at Notre Dame University in Lebanon where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses. She previously taught graphic design in New Zealand at Wellington Polytechnic (now Massey University) and has done numerous courses and workshops around the world including India, Turkey, US, and Zimbabwe. Sherry currently edits, writes, and co-designs Comma, a magazine dedicated to design in the Middle East. She is also an active member of Icograda and its International Educational Network.

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