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Project. Illustrate a Type “Face”

Purpose. To create a portrait using only type as the medium.

Assignment. The portrait can be a frontal, profile, or 3-quarter view. The face should be recognizable and therefore must be that of a famous individual. Include a quotation from the person to incorporate into your composition. Use only typestyles that are from one of the five historic type categories (Old Style, Transitional, Modern, Slab Serif, or San Serif). Use type in different point sizes, styles (regular, italic, U&lc, small caps), weights (light, roman, bold), and widths (extended, condensed) within the font family. Do not distort any type, but rotation/flop is allowed. Type and graphic shapes only; no additional illustrations or photographs allowed.

Portrait should be black, white, and one spot color with screen tints.

Format. 11 X 17 inches (28 X 42 cm). Vertical or horizontal format.
Or 11-inch square format (28 X 28 cm).

Time. Two weeks


Sarah Slattery has been a graphic designer and art director in Grand Rapids, Michigan for over thirty years. She received a certificate in Advertising Design from Kendall School of Design in 1977 and received her BFA from Aquinas College in 1986. After ten years working in advertising agencies, Sarah began freelancing in 1987; her current professional work includes a variety of clients in publishing, non-profit organizations, medical practices, and retail businesses. In 2003, she joined the staff at Kendall College of Art and Design as an adjunct instructor, teaching Type One and Production Processes.

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Sarah Slattery
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