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Project. Early Letterform

Purpose. To provide a comprehensive overview of the design process, from copywriting to producing high-quality comps. Also to develop the skills to create more than a single solution to a particular problem.

Assignment. Select a letter from the Phoenician or Greek alphabet, research the letter, and write approximately 100 words. The copy should be proofread by a copy editor; this will serve as an introduction to proofreader’s marks (see page 136). Create three comps, each distinctively different. In the first comp make the symbol the most prominent element. In the second make the display type the most prominent element. In the third make the text type the most prominent element. All design elements should be two-dimensional.

Among the solutions shown here are two-color designs created from pencil comps and printed by offset. Others are full-color designs created and proofed on the computer. A third group was contributed by the students of Hongik University in Seoul, Korea.

Format. 10 X 10 inches (25 X 25 centimeters)

Time. 12 hours

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