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Project. Urban Messages: Stamps to Billboards

Purpose. To offer the student the opportunity to experience the creative process as if it were a real project. Also to help the student understand the design process from the written message to the final presentation: organization (theme), creation (message), and realization (result).

Assignment. To design a vertical street poster, a horizontal highway billboard, and a sheet of postage stamps. Following research, each student creates a message according a given theme, in this case “Recycling” or “Energy.” Next the student explores ways to express the concept visually and typographically, working from research to sketches, from typography to color-composition, and from hierarchy to final presentation.

Keep in mind that this is a single campaign involving three very specific print medias which the public will view in different ways, therefore there must be a visual unity to all parts of the message.

This project was designed for a summer class at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco for students ( second and third year ) and professionals who like to refresh their skills.

Format. Stamp, Poster, and Billboard

Time. Six weeks. Four times a week. 96 hours ( Each class is 4 hours ).

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Jean-Benoit Lévy is a visual communicator who has been active since 1983 in Switzerland after his studies at the Basel Kunstgewerbeschule with teachers such as Wolfgang Weingart and Armin Hofmann. In 1988 he opened his studio "AND" where he works with a flexible team, the size of which varies according the job. He received his green card in 2001 and is now dividing his time between United States and Europe. Since 1991 Jean-Benoit has taught regularly in various schools in Europe and the United States. Since 1998 he has taught an extented-education class at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco His work has been awarded in international competitions and published in books and magazines. He has been a member of AGI since 1998.

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