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Project. Card Game: Typography and System.

Purpose. To gain an understanding of typography as an expressive component of communication. This is a project to be carried out by sophomore students. The goals are to analyze, develop, and resolve a complex system within which two included sets interact: the alphabetical and the numerical.

Assignment. The student shall design a deck of cards using nothing but typography.

Taking a deck of French playing cards as a point of departure for analysis, the student will work to understand its key component elements. It is important to bear in mind the identifications and functions of the four groups (suits) that make up the system, as well as those of the sub-systems of numbers and images, and to avoid working by substitution.

The integration of the alphabetical and numerical systems is crucial. The backs are to be designed as well, and the chromatic palette is left at the student's discretion.

Format. Freely chosen, appropriate for playing.

Time. Six weeks; one four-hour class per week, totaling 24 hours of class work.


Silvia H. González (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1953) graduated with the degree in Visual Communications Design from the National University of La Plata, Argentina. Arrived in Paris, France, in 1978, to pursue continuing studies in design at the École Estienne. Her attendance at the Rencontres Internationales de Lure helped define typography as her field of specialization. She acknowledges Master Claude Mediavilla as a fundamental influence on her development. Her professional practice, centered around print and package design, began during this period.

In 1982, after relocating to Buenos Aires, Silvia González extended her professional development in all-around design. From 1998 onward, much of her work has been focused on the design of wine labels. In 1985 Ms. González initiated her career as a university professor, which continues to the present date. She is a founding member of the chair of Graphic Design at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies; National University of Buenos Aires (FADU/UBA).

in 1990, when Typography was incorporated into the curriculum of the career in Graphic Design at FADU/UBA, Ms. González was appointed to the chair. Since 1994 she is an active member of the faculty team that established the Licenseeship in Graphic Design and Visual Communication at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies; Litoral National University (FADU/UNL). There she heads the chair of Typography and, since 2004, lectures as well in the elective credit of editorial design.

Silvia González has been a member of academic juries at various universities, and has been invited to participate and submit projects at a variety of seminars and conventions on Design and Typography. Ms. González is a member of the Association Typographique Internationale (Atypi) since 1997.

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