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Project. Choosing and Combining Typefaces

Purpose. To visually represent the meaning of a text by choosing and combining different typefaces. To observe different typefaces and type styles, and the relationship between them.

Assignment. This project is designed for Typography I and II level. Choose a song and type the lyrics. Add to the lyrics another text — of not less than 400 characters— that describe the context of the song. The lyrics should be composed in a size which does not exceed 16 pt. Some representative details should be chosen and highlighted by composing them in a size not less than 150 pt. The use of intermediate type sizes is up to the student.

Format. DIN A3, Single colour: black.

Time. 2 four-hour lessons.


Pablo Cosgaya founded Cosgaya Diseño in 1991 together with Marcela Romero.

He designed “La República” newspaper (Corrientes, 2005) and “El Ciudadano” (Rosario, 1998). He designed the identity of the Programme for the Decentralization and Modernization of the Municipality of Rosario (2000).

Cosgaya is a typography professor in the Graphic Design career at the University of Buenos Aires and a graphic design professor at the Gutenberg Foundation of Buenos Aires. He designed “Patagonia” typeface (together with Héctor Gatti, in 1994), “Proceso Sans” (1996), “CDIcons” (together with Marcela Romero, in 2003) and “Loreto” (with Eduardo Tunni, 2004).

Pablo Cosgaya cooperates with various magazines, such as “Visual”, “Tiypo” and “tipoGráfica”. He is a member of ATYPI (Association Typographique Intenational), of the UDGBA (Union of Graphic Designers of Buenos Aires) and of T-Convoca (an argentinian group dedicated to spread the practice and theory of typography).

Faculty members:
Natalia Pano (coordination), Pablo Acuña, Victoria Brunetta, Erika Bucholc, Ignacio Loza Coll, Gabriela Corrales, Juan Gallelli, Marcelo Hsu, Mercedes Jáuregui, Sergio Laguzzi, Juan Montoreano, Luciana Musumeci, Patricio Oliver, Diego Orellano, Martín Orza, Guillermo Pájaro, Santiago Palazzesi, Inés Pupareli, Marcelo Santiago, Diego Troiano, Sol Vázquez, Guadalupe Villares.

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