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Project. Body Shop Campaign: Packaging and Point of Sale

Purpose. To add a new product range or update an existing one. The concept and design must be fresh while still in keeping with the established Body Shop identity. The typography has to function within the constraints of the brand.

Part 1. The Body Shop's mission statement opens with the overriding commitment "To dedicate our business to the pursuit of social and environmental change". You are to develop a campaign with a single minded message that is evident in all the design elements. The results of your research are to be included in your market research document.

Part 2. Develop your research findings into a concept that includes visuals and mock ups for a) three different products using wrapping, labels or surface decoration e.g. for tube, tub and wrapped soap b) gift pack to hold products c) showcard, postcard, leaflet. Choose one.

Part 3. Develop to final crafted stage a total of five highly finished, printed, made up items.

Format. Open. Packaging, product labels, promotional posters, and postcards.

Time. Part One: Approximately four days to develop research, strategy, and critiques. Part Two: Approximately four days for, concepts, roughs, and critiques. Part Three: Approximately six days to develop designs to final final crafted stage for presentation.

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Dennis Purvis is a lecturer, graphic designer and fine artist. He is programme leader for third year Graphic Design in the Visual Communication Dept. of the Durban University of Technology. He has been a lecturer for the past 20 years. Current areas of exploration include programme development, subject development, liason with industry professionals and lecturing at undergraduate and post graduate levels. Major interest is the inclusion of projects reflecting ecological, social and ethical design trends.
Dennis worked most of his life in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal. He co- founded Purvis Design, a progressive graphic design studio which ran for 15 years. Gotcha casualwear was one of the international brands he developed from inception until the late '80s.
Dennis has continued exploration in mixed media as a fine artist. His works hang in S.A. museums, galleries, corporate and private collections.

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