Designing with Type: The Essential Guide to Typography is a unique combination of textbook and professional reference. It presents a complete overview of the field of typography, from the origins of the alphabet through contemporary design. All type fundamentals are discussed— fundamentals that are inherent in all successful typographic design. If the student had to choose just one book for the journey from classroom to design studio, this would be it.

First published thirty-five years ago, Designing with Type has taken its place as the graphic design students’ bible, becoming the standard by which typographic textbooks are measured. It has sold considerably more than a quarter million copies and been adopted for use by art and design schools throughout the world.

Designing with Type’s popularity and success are well earned. Everything is explained clearly and precisely. Rather than overwhelming the reader with an infinite number of existing typefaces, five are thoroughly examined: Garamond, Baskerville, Bodoni, Century Expanded, and Helvetica. Each typeface represents an important stage in the evolution of typography and each is still widely used today. By working with these typefaces, one learns how to use type creatively—whether it is to make type readable and esthetically pleasing or simply to attract attention.

The Fifth Edition of Designing with Type has been revised and updated to reflect the enormous changes in technology that have occurred in recent years. At the same time, it retains the basic features that have made the book indispensable to generations of students and instructors. A major innovation of this edition has been the integration of the book with the Web site, where students and faculty members can examine hundreds of solutions to the design projects and explore a wide world of typographic information.

"An excellent book for anyone starting out in type"
Aaron Burns: Founder, International Typeface Corporation

" A fine primer for the beginner. Also there is good information for the seasoned professional--and a reminder of things forgotten."
Rudy DeHarak, Graphic Designer, Educator

"A beautiful book. The best designed, most informative student type book I have seen."
Seymour Chwast, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Educator

"Very complete, presented beautifully"
Don Kubly, Graphic Designer, Educator

"A marvelously thorough job--and very useful, I am sure to anyone, not just students."
George Tscherny, Graphic Designer, Educator

"Excellent... really the best book so far on the subject."
Alvin Eisenman, Yale University

"This is the one book I would recommend for every graphic design student."
Gordon Salchow, University of Cincinnati and
former vice-president of Education AIGA.

"An excellent and useful introduction ti the subject."
Milton Glazer, Graphic Designer, Educator

"I am impressed... and excellent teaching tool."
George Sadek, former Dean, The Cooper Union

"I find this book very clear and understandable."
Pieter Brattinga, Graphic Designer

" A clear, straightforward presentation of the basics of working typography."
Ivan Chermayeff, Graphic Designer

"One of the most important publications in recent years for the design educator and the student."
Rob Roy Kelly, Graphic Designer, Educator

176 pages. 8 1/2 x 11 inches (21 x 27 cm). Full color.
More than 500 illustrations.
Bibliography. Extensive Glossary. Index

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Designing with Type, book cover
Fifth Edition,
due Spring 2006