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Project. Helsinki City Letters

Purpose. To have a closer view of typography in a city space, in this case the different areas of Helsinki. To show the character of the local typographic environment, its personality along with its shortcomings. The goal was also to study the two-color printing process and prepress preparation.

Assignment. This is a project for second year design students.

1. Walk, research, and photograph samples of typography as found in a specific area of the city. Attempt to recognize the typefaces and/or the style of lettering.

2. Write a statement about the sources or backgrounds of the local lettering and other collected material.

3. Make a small infographic map about the area.

4. Produce a two-color poster/brochure which, when folded, becomes 12 pages.

Format. CD disc cover package

Time. 40 hours (5 periods of 1 day).


Kai Rentola ( b.1955) studied lettering, calligraphy and graphic design back at the end of 70´s. He understood early that there is a backdoor between a form of a letter and a sculpture work, so he has been also a member of Finnish Sculptors Association since 1995. Since 1996 He has been working as a lecturer of typography and later on also a teacher of digital type design in the University of Art and Design in Helsinki at the School of Visual Culture. Kai Rentola have organized many  typographical exhibitions in Helsinki together with other designers and his students.  He is a member of Association Typographique Internationale and he was a main organizer of ATypI 2005 in Helsinki.

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