Graphic Design Career Guide was first published in 1983 followed by a second edition in 1992. The book attempts to answer the most-asked questions about graphic design careers. It explains how to land a job and establish a career in graphic design in any one of a multitude of areas. Here are a few of the major topics covered.

Careers in Graphic Design. This section identifies and discusses the various segments of the graphic design you can decide which is best suited to your personality and talents. Among the many fields covered are advertising, audio-visual, book publishing, computer graphics, design studios, film and video, illustration, magazine publishing, packaging, environmental graphic design, photography, and toy design.

Portfolios, Resumes, and Interviews. When it comes to getting a job, your success will be determined to a great degree by your portfolio, resume, and interview. This part of the book shows you how to put together a portfolio that will make a favorable impression on a prospective employer; how to organize and write a simple, effective resume; and how to arrange and conduct an interview so that you will be given serious consideration.

Employment. You will learn how to get a job that will start you on the road to a successful career. Shows you how to set priorities, where to look, how to deal with the question of money, and what to expect on the job. There is also advice for those who wish to set up as freelance designers. Suggestions include how to set up a business, deal with clients, establish fees, and the importance of contracts or letters of agreement. And to educate and inspire you, a number of top designers tell you how they got their first job.

Graphic Design Studies. This section introduces you to the various types of schools offering a graphic design education. It explains the courses you will be expected to take to earn a degree or certificate. It offers suggestions on how to choose the right school, pay the tuition, get the most out of school, and solve graphic design problems. There is also information for anyone considering a second career.

“A clear, concise, well-produced book that helps
clarify the field of graphic design.”
Tom Geismar, Chermayeff & Geismar Associates

“Excellent tool--long overdue...a must book
in every graphic design program.”
Roger Remington, Rochester Institute of Technology

“Extremely clear and concise. Fills a very real need.”
Ed Gold, University of Baltimore

“I am thrilled; this is exactly what we needed for so long. A significant contribution to the field of graphic design.”
J. Michael Adams, Farley Dickenson University

192 pages. 8 1/2 X 11 inches. Over 200 B/W illustrations. Glossary. Bibliography. Index. Names of advertising agencies, publishers, and schools.

ISBN 8230-2151-3
Watson-Guptill Publications

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